Renewable Energy

What are renewable products?
Renewable products are products that can be installed to help you save money either through your central heating or hot water usage.
Unfortunately renewable products come with their own expense but if your looking for a long term energy saving investment then look no further.

What we offer?
We specialise in the installation of solar thermal, Air source heating and MVHR!

What is solar thermal?
Solar thermal is a series of panels installed usually upon your roof. These panels using thermal technology, collect the suns energy to produce an eco-friendly energy instead of using fossils fuels.

This energy using a pump station can be circulated around the panels and hot water cylinder to warm up your hot water. Solar thermal systems work brilliantly when the sun is out and the weather is warm and can be used to warm up 100% of your hot water usage.

When the weather is slightly over-cast and the sun is at it lowest, your solar will still generate hot water but it may have to be topped up by a second heat source (boiler/heat pump or immersion heater). Thus still saving you money by spreading the fuel consumption.

We use a range of manufactures from Vaillant, Worcester and Solfex

We can offer you the complete installation and design entirely supported and backed by our manufactures guarantee.

Air Source Heating

Air source heating. How does it work?
Air source heating is a renewable product which consists of having no a unit, similar to an air conditioning unit fitted outside your home.

The unit basically draws in cool air from the outside and passes it through a compressor. The heat within the air is absorbed and and warms up the circulating central heating water pumping through a heat exchanger.

All of this heat is transferred around your heating system to heat up your home and hot water.

Air source again can be costly, however if you are currently on fuels such as LPG, Electric or oil air source heating could be an ideal investment and a long term solution to rising fuel prices.