A number of jobs have taken place at SCA Timber in Etruria over the past 18months, including replacement urinals, upgrades to both toilet facilities and installation of boiling water units to ensure the staff our able to make tea around the clock!

Recently, SCA requested an upgrade on their hot water system. They wanted to remove the existing open vent indirect cylinder and cold water storage tanks above the office block. They wanted to be left with a system that was better controlled, easily regulated and more economical to reduce water consumption. Unsurpisingly this also, removed the risk of legionella formation. Which helped with their annual inspections.

We proposed the replacement of the existing cylinder with an unvented cylinder.
The unvented cylinder removes the necessity of a cold water storage tank and low pressure water at the tap outlets. The use of a secondary circulation pump provides the delivery of new high pressured water at the outlets much quicker, almost instantly. This saves time and water consumptions, meaning less water in run away and wasted before hot water emerges from the outlet. It also ensure that there isn’t any stagnant water in the pipework allowing a build up of bacteria.

The second phase of the installation was to install an accumulator adequate enough to boost the volume of water across the factory. There are currently 4 separate toilet facilities with multiple canteen outlets, so the system needed to work effectively by chance that all outlets were in use at the same time. An accumulator provides adequate flow rates while maintaining  the sites water pressure across every outlet of the factory. The accumulator in a nutshell acts as a giant expansion vessel. The expansion vessel stores a capacity of the sites water, at the pressure thats provided. The volume of water pushing against a huge diagram under the standing pressure ensures instantly, that the water pressure can be maintained when in use.

The installation took place over 3 days. The system was drained at 2 intervals to ensure that there was either hot or cold water on to the factory at all times. The site was updated during the process, which helped keep the staff up to speed with what was happening and adequately maintained health and safety protocols.

Now the installation is complete the factory now has fully operational hot water systems which is economical in both use and consumption. We are now putting forward some consumption conserving measure such as flow limiters on outlets, Cistemisers on urinals and non concussive taps fitted to wash hand basins. We should hopefully start to see these implemented in the coming weeks.