No heating or how water from your combination boiler?

Before calling an installer or manufactures out, check the fault code displayed on your boiler. Every brand of boiler will have either a letter followed by a number or a series of flashing lights to indicate this and if not then you’ll have a pressure cage displaying the current pressure. If the pressure drops below 0.7 bar on most modern boilers the boiler will cease to operate.

Low water pressure is something that you can easily fix yourself and doesn’t  need a professional to sort for you. You need to ensure that while your boiler is cold and not running the pressure sits at around 1-1.5bar.

Should you need to put the pressure up there will be a filling loop or valve located either under the bottom of the boiler or a flexible pipe connected to the pipework..

Using the valves connected, turn them a quarter of a turn, one at a time to watch the pressure increase. When the pressure reaches 1.5bar turn the valves back to their original postion. The boiler should reset and normal operation should resume…

If not then consult the installation manual or give us a call and we would be happy to help.