Honeywell Lyric T6R

Introducing the the Honeywell Lyric T6R Smart Thermostat! We are pleased to say that we are now installing the NEW Honeywell Lyric Series. In April 2018 the standards for domestic boiler replacement is changing. The new standards outline ways for the consumer to improve on energy consumption. The standard will alow greater control of energy [...]

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SCA Timber

A number of jobs have taken place at SCA Timber in Etruria over the past 18months, including replacement urinals, upgrades to both toilet facilities and installation of boiling water units to ensure the staff our able to make tea around the clock! Recently, SCA requested an upgrade on their hot water system. They wanted to [...]

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Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent Trade Register

  Great News!   We are pleased to say that we are now proud members of The Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent Trade Register! What does this mean for us? Well, unlike most of the schemes available for businesses to register with, Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent Trade Register is not a business approval scheme. It isn't something one [...]

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Worcester Accredited Installer!

SDB have finally joined the Elite! We are pleased to say that we are now officially Worcester Accredited. This means that we can now offer extended Guarantees on a choice of boilers especially when adding Worcester Magnetic Filters. So, all this aside - why choice a Worcester Bosch boiler? All materials and components used in building [...]

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Well we now have had a new edition to the family thanks to Baskeyfield Motors. We realize It's no secret as to who the previous owner of REXblue was - lets just say he's serving the exact same purpose as before. Gary from Baskeyfield has been extremely helpful getting this van sourced and eventually purchased. [...]

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Don’t let the cold catch you out!

Here is some winter wisdom for this cold snap! As the temperature starts to drop again over the next few nights you need to think about leaving your central heating on. We receive calls daily from people with broken boilers, either because they haven't turned them on properly for months or they leave them turned [...]

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Crewe Arms Hotel

We are currently working with The Crewe Arms Hotel in Madeley Heath to renovate 4 en-suite bathrooms complete with new Aqua boarding and thermostatic showers. The Crewe Arms has recently come under new management of Linda & Miguel, and is located on the border of Newcastle Under Lyme. We were invited to come and quote for [...]

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Frozen Boiler?

During this cold weather there is a chance that your boiler could freeze! This doesn't happen to every boiler unless you have a condensing boiler fitted and the condensation pipe is terminated outside. If your boiler condense pipe freezes your boiler will run for a short period of time until it starts to either gurgle [...]

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Bleeding Your Radiators!

Do you have cold spots? Is your system gurgling? If your answer is yes to either one then you could have air in your heating system.. To bleed your radiators you first need a bleed key. Some radiators have flat head screwdriver slots, so this can be used instead of a bleed key. You first [...]

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Low Water Pressure!

No heating or how water from your combination boiler? Before calling an installer or manufactures out, check the fault code displayed on your boiler. Every brand of boiler will have either a letter followed by a number or a series of flashing lights to indicate this and if not then you'll have a pressure cage [...]

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